Gradient Notebooks is a web-based Jupyter IDE with free GPUs.

Launch a GPU-enabled Jupyter Notebook from your browser in seconds. Use any library or framework. Easily invite collaborators or share a public link.

Gradient Notebooks include a FREE GPU plan

A simple cloud workspace that runs on free GPUs.

Get started in seconds with a notebook environment that's easy to use and share.



Choose a pre-built template or bring your own. Try a free GPU!



Start coding. Start, clone, and stop your Notebook anytime.



Invite collaborators. Generate a public link to share.

Perfect for ML developers. A powerful no-fuss environment with loads of features that "just works."

Free signup
Easy setup
Free GPUs

Free GPUs

Our free-tier is perfect for getting started with sample projects and testing ideas.


Execute Jupyter files and projects in other languages e.g. Python with full syntax highlighting.

Scale instantly

Scale up training with a full range of GPU options with no runtime limits.


Run any common ML frameworks as well as courses like New integrations coming soon!


Notebooks are built on lightweight and portable Docker containers so startup time is lightning fast.


Create a team, invite collaborators, and set permissions. Fork public projects or create your own.

And much more...

  • Persistent storage
  • Terminals
  • System metrics
  • Versioning
  • Dataset tracking
  • Run anywhere
  • Tag management
  • Log streaming
  • Python CLI and SDK

Run on any ML framework. Choose from wide selection of pre-configured templates or bring your own.

Add speed and simplicity to your workflow today